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A History of Excellence

Continuing his father’s legacy, Jim founded Jim Simpson Contracting, LLC with the intention of providing personable, professional, and above all, quality driven services.

His father’s company (Simpson Asphalt) was an asphalt maintenance contractor. While Jim has not turned away from those services, he has added many others in which he and his staff are proficient (such as: carpentry, electrical, plumbing, roofing, flooring, painting, siding, and more), making Jim Simpson Contracting, LLC a full service General Contractor whose focus is on providing exceptional services, on time, and within budget.

Starting the company on his own, Jim would later take on his close friend (Josh Klossner) as his first employee. Jim and Josh met at MVCC where they studied Civil Engineering together. It wasn’t long before Jim came to recognize Josh’s high moral and professional standards.

After eight years of working together, growing the business, and hiring more employees to train, Jim took Josh on as a partner to act as the company’s Vice President. The two of them now personally train and manage a team of professionals to meet the needs of businesses and homeowners alike.

Meet Our Team

Jim Simpson  /  Founder & President

Jim Simpson is an experienced contractor and all around handyman. Driven by results, he takes pride in providing the best services possible to his customers.

Jim got his start in contracting by going to work for his father soon after he learned to walk. “I was always eager to go to work with my Dad and he was always happy to teach me new things,” Jim says reminiscing.

Jim went on to Study both Rough and Finish Carpentry at BOCES where he fell in love with woodworking. He later earned his degree in Civil Engineering from MVCC where he graduated with honors.

In his free time, Jim likes to build furniture and other small woodworking projects and practice the guitar. Jim will be the first to tell you he is a less-than great guitarist, but he enjoys trying anyway. “It reminds me of when I played it to pass the time in North Carolina” says Jim with a smile as he finishes the intro to Whiskey Lullaby. Jim was a Heavy Equipment Operator, stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC in the Marine Corps.

As the President of the Company, Jim is constantly searching for new and better products, tools, and technologies and educating employees about them. Customer Satisfaction and the Quality of his work are of the utmost importance to him. Over the years, he has built a reputation for his extraordinary commitment to quality in all that he does (with exception to guitar related matters).

“The quality of your work is a direct reflection of who you are as a person,” he says.

Josh Klossner  /  Vice President

Growing up in the small town of Floyd New York, he spent a lot of his time in the surrounding woods and would become an eagle scout of troop 55 in Trenton, NY. He graduated from Holland patent high school where, as he puts it, he was more of a “Mathlete” than an Athlete. However, this served him well as he would go on to Study Civil Engineering at Mohawk Valley community College and later the University of Buffalo.

Knowing that a good understanding of theory without practical application is of little value, Josh spent his summers back home seeking more hands on, practical knowledge as he worked with various carpenters, masons, plumbers, and electricians. He would go on to train with Jim in asphalt repair and maintenance as the two continued their work in general contracting and education in civil engineering. As a Sergeant in the US Army Reserve, Josh also serves as a petroleum supply specialist.

Josh, a self-described nerd, considers himself an out of work comedian, and spends most of his free time binge-watching Netflix, reading:(Horror, Sci Fi, and Fantasy mostly), playing Dungeons and Dragons, and training at the gym to pass “That *expletive deleted* Army PT test.”

“Josh is also known to, occasionally, grow horrible mustaches for which he will not apologize and can often be confused for a 1970s Vice cop.” – Jim

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